LED High Bay LHB

LED High Bay LHB

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LED Linear high bay is a durable, heavy-duty construction. High performance, high-efficiency provides a robust solution for high ceiling applications , especially warehouse spaces. Utilizing Samsung LED chips, LED delivers high output performance and quality illumination. The LHB-S TM customizable optics, installation options, accessories allow each luminaire to be used in a broad variety of applications including warehouses, manufacturing facilities, gymnasiums, commercial facilities, convention centers and more.


Warehouses, Manufacturing facilities, Gymnasiums, Commercial Facilities, Convention Centers.



Fixture body and endcaps are fabricated from aluminum for maximum rigidity.

Lightweight aluminum heat sink designed to perform naturally convective cooling.

Ambient operating temperature 55 °C.


Sansung LED, High efficiency, Optic version 170m/w+, PMMA cover version 130lm/w+L70> 200,000 hours. Utilizes a 90°C case temperature driver for maximum life at high temperatures. 0.90 power factor. Available as 120-277V or 347V input.

Optical System

General, medium, aisle distributions available to meet both horizontal and vertical light level requirements. Injection molded refractors for repeatable photometry.


5 Year Warranty. See warranty documentation for more information.

Installation/ Mounting

Suitable for hanging mount and pendant mount.


1-10V Dimming comes standard. Suitable for use with LED dimmers.

Motion Sensors option available.

Sensor /347V/ Emergency power available.


ETL approved.

Ordering Information

Serial Number Wattage Voltage CCT Optics Finish Installation Control Other Other
JNT05-LHB 55W 120-277V 3000K S – General (110°) White Hanging No Control Sensor X1 Y1
  81W 347V 3500K M – Medium (90°)   pendant Emergency X2 Y2
  101W   4000K A- Aisle (45°)   surface Emergency + Motion Sensor X3 Y3
  141W   5000K       Motion Sensor X4 Y4

Performance Information

Input Voltage 120-277Vac, 347Vac Available CCT 30K, 35K, 40K, 50K
Input Frequency 50/60Hz Projected L70 200,000+ hours
Wattage See Perfomance Table Power F actor >0.9
Delivered Lumens See Perfomance Table THD <20%
Efficiency See Perfomance Table Dimming 1-10V
CRI >80 Operating Temp -20~55 °C/ -4°~131°F

Product Parameters


Net Weight 3.7KG
Gross Weight 4.7KG
Product Dimension 648*385*53mm
Wattage (W) Voltage(V) 3000K 3500K/4000K 5000K
55 120-277/347 142 145 150
81 120-277/347 142 145 150
101 120-277/347 142 145 150


Net Weight 5.5KG
Gross Weight 6.5KG
Product Dimension 648*460*53mm
Wattage (W) Voltage(V) 3000K 3500K/4000K 5000K
141 120-277/347 142 145 150
161 120-277/347 142 145 150
201 120-277/347 142 145 150


Net Weight 9.4KG/10.7KG(401W)
Gross Weight 10.4KG/11.7KG(401W)
Product Dimension 1241*460*53mm
Wattage (W) Voltage(V) 3000K 3500K/4000K 5000K
281 120-277/347 142 145 150
321 120-277/347 142 145 150
401 120-277/347 142 145 150


Net Weight 13.8KG
Gross Weight 14.8KG
Product Dimension 1241*460*53mm
Wattage (W) Voltage(V) 3000K 3500K/4000K 5000K
481 120-277/347 142 145 150

Installation Instructions


Read Carefully Before Installing Fixture.Retain These Instructions For Future Reference.

Fixtures must be wired in accordance with the National Electrical Code and all applicable local codes. Proper grounding is required for safety. This product must be installed in accordance with the applicable installation code by a person familiar with the construction and operation of the product and the hazards involved.

WARNING:Make certain power is OFF before installing or maintaining fixture. No user serviceable parts inside.

Mounting Fixture To Ceiling For V hook Mounting

1.V Hooks (2) and Chain are provided for mounting. Secure V Hooks through Bracket Hole at back of Housing as shown (Fig. 1)

2.Fixture mounting height and spacing should be determined by application requirements.

3.Remove Access Plate and feed supply wire with strain relief conduit connector through Access Plate and make electrical connections as shown in wiring diagram. Use approved wiring connectors and wire to local NEC codes. Push all wires back into Housing. Be careful not to pinch wires.

4.Reinstall Access Plate and secure with supplied Screw(1).

5.If ordered with XXXX sensor or similar sensor or LightCloud controller, see sensor instruction enclosed.

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